Project Description

CRY – Cardiac Risk in the Young
The Kans and Kandy (Wholesale) Charitable Trust was sent a letter from a volunteer fundraiser for the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY).

The charity CRY helps raise awareness of conditions that can lead to young sudden cardiac death (YSCD); sudden death syndrome (SDS); SADS, they also promote the work they do by helping young sports men and women be screened to make sure they do not have any underlying heart problems that may lead to more serious conditions later on in life.

CRY also dedicate a lot of time in helping people through a bereavement of a young person who has died from Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS)

The Kans and Kandy (Wholesale) Charitable trust donated £5,000 to CRY for them to continue their research and support to families affected by SDS across the UK.

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