Kans and Kandy (Wholesale) Ltd was formed in 2000 by Peter Razaq, Ian Marley and Jed Iqbal. We provide blue chip, FMCG companies with an efficient and cost effective avenue to successfully dispose of remnant or residual stocks within the health and beauty, food and household products marketplace.

Excellent market knowledge 

Our management team has over ninety years of experience in the retail and wholesale markets. This solid retail background and clear understanding of suppliers needs have led to the creation of the freshest player in the residual brands market. 

Worldwide customers 

Over the last 12 years, we have built a portfolio of over 1900 independent retail customers in the UK, mainland Europe, America, Middle East and India, ensuring remnant or residual products can be placed away from your core market without compromising your regular business activity. Our skill in buying and selling ensures that we will always find the right solution for you at the right financial return for your brand.
That’s why we are used and trusted by many of the biggest brand owners in the world. 

It is our firm belief that Kans and Kandy should support local and worldwide communities. It is therefore our company policy to contribute 10% of our net profits to worthwhile causes.

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